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  1. General Discussion
    Each year, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show brings together a unique and talented assortment of frame builders and bike enthusiasts. Each handcrafted piece is a reflection of the builder's skills and imagination. Some builders went above and beyond the rest and were recognized at the...
  2. 26er Bikes
    Jeremy Sycip is an old friend and here he shows us his steel hardtail that is part of the new revolution - retro surprise it's not a 29er! The 26" wheel is not dead! The model is named the Unleaded and this one is a gearie but it can also be turned into a singlespeed. Frame features: -True...
  3. Sycip steel detail
  4. Sycip DD's

    5" rear. Fox '05 Talas front. Hope Mono M4, Goodridge, Sram 9.0SL, etc....
  5. Sycip titanium

    detail of ti seat stays from Sycip
  6. Sycip Love

    What can I say, if you love bikes, you love Sycip. Check out the wood bling on this single-speed cross commuter.
  7. Erika - Sycip

    The lovely Erika, from the Sycip team, finished 5th in her class in Saturday's Expert XC National final.
1-8 of 8 Results