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  1. Shocks and Suspension
    I am looking for new suspension fork internals for my Recon and I saw that there is a Boost and Non-Boost version of the internals. What are the differences? They both have to same thread pitch and internal diameter. Is this just a way to stop consumers from upgrading their fork with boost...
  2. Shocks and Suspension
    Hi there. I'm planning to upgrade my 2018 rockshox revelation. As of now, i have the c1 debonair because my fork is already eating up 10% sag. I've found several upgrades for my fork like -Fast suspension up 3 way damper upgrade (around $300 usd) Charger 2.1 rc2 ($375 usd) avalanche open bath...
  3. Shocks and Suspension
    Can I use Fox R3 5w in grip2 forks instead of the specified PTFE infused version? I can't get my hands on the PTFE version Just servicing Fox 36 Performance Elite Thanks Al
  4. General Discussion
    Colorado-based suspension manufacturer PUSH Industries has unveiled the ELEVENSIX SS, which was developed specifically to solve fitment issues with some new frame designs and sits alongside the current ELEVENSIX in the product line. Price of the ELEVENSIX SS is the same as the current ELEVENSIX...
  5. General Discussion
    The Sektor RL gets a substantial update with a Boost chassis and DebonAir air spring. Expect a similar feel to the Pike and Revelation. "Action is everything" is the RockShox tagline and they are keeping that sentiment alive with their 2019 product range, pushing the limits of what an...
  6. General Discussion
    Fox Live Valve is an automated electronic system that enables suspension to react instantly to rider input and terrain. It was first teased during the summer of 2015. Since then, we've seen spy shots and the release of several Live Valve compatible frames, but no word on a release date. While...
  7. General Discussion
    Colorado's MRP continues to add to its ever-growing product line-up with a yet another tuning option for suspension forks. Joining its expansive line of after market Ramp Control Cartridges is a new Fox 36 option. Price is $180 and install is a 20-minute job that takes just a few basic tools...
  8. Misc Components
    Setting up your suspension is the easiest thing you can do to improve your riding experience. And the best part? It costs nothing. Considering how big of an impact suspension can make, it's shocking (no pun intended) how often we see riders on poorly setup bikes. If you're not sure how to setup...
  9. Misc Components
    What is it? The eLECT suspension is an automatic lockout system. Just like the Fox Terralogic fork and Specialized Brain that have come before it, eLECT aims to lock out your fork when you're climbing and fully open it when you're descending. How does it do it? Well, it is all based on fork...
  10. Enduro Racing
    One of the main things I wanted to see at the Sea Otter Classic this year was DVO Suspension's new Emerald Inverted downhill fork. I've been seeing photos of it on Facebook for a while but Sea Otter was my first chance to see it in person. I can now report that the DVO Emerald is just as sexy in...
  11. 27.5
    Mark Fitzsimmons from Fox Racing Shox shows us the details of their all new electronic suspension system called "iCD". It is shown here on Geoff Kabush's race bike. The iCD system uses a battery sourced from Shimano's Di2 system. Also shown is the new 34 Float 27.5 160 fork. This fork is...
  12. General Discussion
    Recently, there have been a lot of questions about the direction of Marzocchi Suspension, one of the original mountain bike suspension manufacturers and arguably the originator of the freeride movement. Bryson Martin Sr., John Pelino and Tom Rogers, the main guys at Marzocchi USA, left the...
  13. General Discussion
    Ed Kwaterski, the chief engineer and product manager from Manitou, highlights the Tower, Marvel, R7 and Circus forks at Dealer Camp 2011. Ed shows us some of the new features you can expect from Manitou in their 2012 lineup of suspension forks. [youtube width="640"...
  14. Trail Riding
    hey i'm new here and have read the thread concerning this issue... just wondering if there is a absolute answer to this problem... my sid is starting to leak and i don't wanna spend 350 or more to fix the problem... help me if you got an answer...
  15. What Bike to Buy
    Hello everybody, I was wondering if it would be possible to switch from the standard 2007 BMC trailfox rear suspension setup to the updated 2008+ supension setup. It looks like it could be done and i think it would make improvements
  16. My Girl & Her Journey 2

    My Girl & Her Journey 2

    2008-09 Project. I no longer have this bike. I have had a great time upgrading this once considered "budget bicycle". cost of completed modifications...priceless
  17. BIKE OTAGO opening - Pink Yeti Down Hill

    BIKE OTAGO opening - Pink Yeti Down Hill

    A new bike shop in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand at 144 Great King Street deals in Yeti's, Diamond backs and other bikes.. this is the owners bike.
  18. General Discussion
    ASHEVILLE, NC ‐‐ Now in the third year of business, Suspension Experts, Inc. added new staff to offer expanded service options throughout the United States and internationally. Based in Asheville, NC, Suspension Experts, Inc. (S∙Ex ) specializes in custom repair, tuning, and service of mountain...
  19. 2006 Marzocchi Z.1 FR SL Doppio Air

    2006 Marzocchi Z.1 FR SL Doppio Air

    Marzocchi's top-of-the line Z.1 for 2006, the Z.1 FR SL Doppio Air. It uses Marzocchi's new RC2 damping system and the Doppio positive/negative air spring system. The fork has 32mm, tapered alloy stanchions, and 130mm to 150mm of gooey, Marzocchi travel.
  20. 2006 Marzocchi Marathon Race

    2006 Marzocchi Marathon Race

    The 2006 Marzocchi Marathon Race - top-of-the-line 80mm Doppio Air System XC fork. The 2006 Marathon Race uses the 5-position TST adjuster to control compression damping and lock-up. It has an all new, CNC-machined crown and new Magnesium Monolite lowers, as well as a new, bar-mounted lock-up button