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  1. Beginner's Corner
    Hi All Hoping for some advise from community once again ... please see below images Problem 1 - Right hand forks are my old forks and the left ones are my new ones ... but I can't seem to get them to fit I have put the bearing in my hand over the new one but I feel as if I'm missing something...
  2. Misc Components
    Hey all, I am looking for reviews. I need to replace my old (broken) Monarch RT (tune ML380) for a new shock and was looking for alternatives in about the same performace range. I found three shocks which I am deciding between and cost pretty much the same: Suntour Duair RC (M chamber) black...
  3. Beginner's Corner
    Hi All šŸ˜ I previously did a post about this trying to source a suitable fork for my Kona Fire Mountain , knowing what i do now i wouldn't have purchased the bike but moving on the situation is that my bike is currently fitted with Suntour XCR 32 LO-R Coil Spring 100mm which when on the local...
  4. Beginner's Corner
    Hi All ? I have recently purchased a Kona Fire Mountain 2021 , I am happy with the bike but the forks are very stiff , I feel even over the local trails I'm holding a jackhammer and the forks absorb very little shock ?, I am looking to upgrade rather quickly but unsure what to upgrade to or...
  5. Shocks and Suspension
    Been looking at a fork upgrade for my Norco Torrent HT. Been riding mostly @ SoCal Blue trails and rarely/reluctantly starting @ some local Blacks. Bike is specced with 150mm travel (64 HTA) but would probably be workable at 140mm too. I am 190lbs and not a very aggressive rider (yet - but hey...
  6. Mavic MA-40 w/ Panaracer Magic Front

    Mavic MA-40 Rim, Suntour XC Pro Grease Guard Front Hub, Panaracer Magic Front Tire
1-6 of 7 Results