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  1. California - Norcal
    Hey Yall, Wife's 2020 Levo was stolen last night from our garage. We are in Woodland, which is near Davis and Sacramento.I have it posted on bike index, and will keep an eye out on all the normal locations, but please let me know if you see it. It should for sure stand out as a Black Levo with...
  2. General Discussion
    I found the owner by checking the bikes serial number with the distributor of the brand of bike, thanks to the suggestion by Zomby Woof. The distributor contacted the owner and the owner contacted me and will pick it up today! And strangely enough, someone who saw the post I made on...
  3. Passion
    I ride my Trek 930 on the trails and in town. I'm trying to save up for a nice full suspension bike (I'm 15 so, no job yet) and was thinking about selling it once i get close to my final amount, but what would I ride in town. I don't want to look like I'm showing off with a shiny Trek or fancy...
  4. Downhill - Freeride
    Hey all, I'm so bummed to have to be posting this, but my Canfield Jedi was stolen out of my garage sometime last night, early this morning. And yes, it was locked up. :madmax::madmax: Here is the ad I just posted on Craigslist: "HELP! Sometime last night or this morning 6/30/11 someone...
  5. STOLEN ON 10/17/04 3am

    Have you seen this bike. Santa Cruz Bullit. When it was stolen it had black cranks and new seat as well as a front tire with blue sidewall. Stolen from South San Jose near 85 and Bernal. May be in Morgan Hill or Gilroy now. Any info please e-mail or call 311 and reference report #04-291-0237. T
1-5 of 5 Results