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spoke tension
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  1. Wheels and Tires
    About six months ago, I swapped rims on my rear wheel, building it up myself since all the shops had 6+ week lead times. I used the Park Tool tensionmeter and aimed to get the drive side spokes to 130kgf, the max for the E13 LG1 alu rim. I've recently noticed that almost every single drive...
  2. Niner Bikes
    Current set up w/ about 500 miles on it: 2010 Medium Milk Dud WFO9 150 mm rear w/ Maxle cranked down 32h 3x Hadley hub laced to Salsa Semi rim at ~100 kgf drive side/~90 kgf non drive side laterally and radially true built by Larry at Mtn High Cyclery Maxxis Ardent 2.4 at ~ 35 psi Push Monarch...
1-2 of 2 Results