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  1. XC racing and Endurance
    Recently turned 16 and have been riding bikes since I can remember and have gotten to a level where I am extremely fit and fast on the trails but have been struggling to find ways to get into competitive XC racing that may even help get into a career into the future. I live in Johanasburg in...
  2. General Discussion
    Team raced at the first round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup over the weekend in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, where downhill riders Matti Lehikoinen and Joe Smith finished 15th and 38th place, respectively. In the 4X competition, Michael Mechura went out...
  3. General Discussion
    2nd XC World Cup Podium for AXON RC Carbon fork! 25. April 2011 Julie Bresset kicked off the first XC World Cup 2011 in Pietermaritzburg South Africa with a magnificent 2nd place. Though she is still in the U23 class she started in the elite women categorie and gave a commanding performance...
  4. Slickrock - South African Style!

    Paul picking up enough speed for some small air
  5. Slickrock - South African Style!

    Slickrock dropoff, Jan showing us how it's done!
  6. Slickrock - South African Style!

    Jan portering a bike up the chain ladder
  7. Slickrock - South African Style!

    Clint going for it down the
  8. Slickrock - South African Style!

    Elja riding some nice slickrock on her new Mongoose Canaan
  9. Slickrock - South African Style!

    Jan jumping off a constructed ramp
  10. Waterval Boven August 2007

    Some of these flames get really high, even in grassland. Scary
  11. Waterval Boven August 2007

    Luckily we kept it away from camp
  12. Waterval Boven August 2007

    Fires burning at Waterval Boven
  13. Waterval Boven August 2007

    I'd hate to be in that narrow tunnel at the same time as a train!
  14. Waterval Boven August 2007

    Riding along a railway track through the tunnel
  15. Waterval Boven August 2007

    Heading straight uphill on a cattle path
  16. Waterval Boven August 2007

    A view across the valley on our adventure ride.
  17. Waterval Boven August 2007

    Adele having to carry her bike on some serious hiking trails!
  18. Waterval Boven Autust 2007

    Werner flying around a corner on the rim trail
  19. Waterval Boven Autust 2007

    Adele on one of the off camber corners on the rim trail
  20. Waterval Boven Autust 2007

    Adele before a rock choke on the forest trail
1-20 of 24 Results