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    North vs. South at Charlotte's Meadow 2011 California State High School Mountain Bike Championships Presented by the SoCal High School Cycling League SG Dirt Club, Charlotte's Meadow, Los Olivos, CA By Phil Beckman, PB Creative Results: Photo gallery:
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    TEMECULA, Calif. - Momentum continues to build in a big way for high school mountain bike racing, as was plainly evident at the opening round of the 2010 SoCal High School Cycling League Series. Now beginning its second season, a total of 164 student athletes representing 19 teams took to the...
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    BERKELEY, Calif. The NorCal and SoCal High School Cycling Leagues combined raised over $100,000 at their annual CycleFest fundraisers. The SoCal League almost doubled its attendance over 2008. Matt Fritzinger, founder of the NorCal League, said "We are very thankful for having had two highly...
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    SOCAL ENDURANCE - NEWS AND UPDATES 6-15-09 SoCal Endurance proudly supports another worthy cause: PROJECT PINK Project Pink at 12 hrs at Nordic will be raising funds for breast cancer research and prevention. Project Pink bikes will be...
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    OAKLAND , CA - The Northern California High School Mountain Bike Racing League (NorCal League) will launch the Southern California Interscholastic Cycling League (SoCal League), in the 2009 academic year, with grant support from the Easton Sports Development Foundation II (ESDF II). The new...
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