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  1. Misc Components
    in regards to an older post...I see and read more about angle sets than reach adj, and am curious about it now after finding this old post below. Maybe the calculator is restricted a bit to whats going on with...
  2. Rigid/Hardtail Bikes
    I have enough good pieces in the parts bin to build a nice hardtail. I think I want to try something pretty slacked out for grins and giggles. Not going to be my primary bike, but something to get out on when I don't want to crud up my fs in the slop and to just let me act like a hooligan. Was...
  3. General Discussion
    (Talking mainly hardtail...) Coming from the last couple bikes that have been around 66.5-67º hta, how much different is a slacker angle at 65? I'd mainly be riding it for some casual trail rides and simple, slow pedaling around for short commutes, and a pretty even mix of tight and twisty...
  4. Dan the Slacker

    This is a pic of me Slacklining. It's a sport I came across in a surfing magazine, and was very easy to set up a line in my back yard.
1-4 of 4 Results