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  1. Cyclocross Bike
    I have a beloved Black Sheep Pine Ridge Single Speed Titanium Cyclocross bike for sale. --$3200-- Hand build by the legendary James Bleakley right here in Fort Collins, this beautiful ti cyclocross frame is looking for a new home. It is currently set up as a single speed, but I recently had...
    $3,200 USD
  2. Frameset
    I'm selling my Stayer frame and fork. it has less than 50 miles of riding on it. I had it made to order by Stayer Bikes in London. basically a drop bar bikepacking gravel /mtb bike that fits 29" tires up to 3". a few details: 73 mm Bb 44mm head tube paragon slider rear dropouts. so, SS, gears...
  3. Custom Builders & Other Manufacturers
    2005 Raleigh M80 650b?
  4. Singlespeed
    I just purchased a Banshee Paradox V3 frame and plan on doing a single speed build. I've been riding for quite awhile but I'm brand new to the SS world and building a bike in general. My main motivation for the build was that I had almost every part I needed in my basement and was always...
  5. Shocks and Suspension
    I want to have front suspension on my BMX bike. But I don't have access to any 20" suspension forks, so I was wondering if I could use a 24" fork instead. My only concern is if steering would be impacted by this modification, as it would put the front of my bike up higher than with my original...
  6. Santa Cruz
    I have a 2020 Chameleon AL 29r. How do I convert to single speed? I see there is a 27.5 dropout kit but I wonder can I run it single speed with my existing 29 inch wheels or will it only run 27.5 single speed? Also then what wheel set would I buy? Ideally I would buy another 29inch wheel set...
  7. Singlespeed
    Any thoughts on this combo? Axle to crown on the whiskey fork is 500mm... any thoughts onthat working out hta/sta/bb height wise with the new Unit? Anyone tried such a thing here? Thanks. -Dan
  8. 29er Bikes
    Show me you Single Speed 29er - here is mine
  9. Trek
    Ok, well I'll have some pictures up of my new Triton up on Thursday or so. I just ordered it through the shop I work at. Until then, fire away. Show off your Trek/GF city bikes and commuters!
  10. Arizona
    I have a SS spot available for the 12 hours at night in Prescott. Respond here, or shoot me a PM if you are interested. Matt
  11. GT
    Custom BUDGET SS Aluminum GT Frame build-up So I had this frame left over from my last build and I've been itching to build an SS for a while, so here is my documented build. I'm really trying to do this on a budget this time, and like I did last time I will be sure to post the prices and...
  12. Singlespeed
    Hey guys, I'm building my first single speed and can't for the life of me figure out what crankset to use. The bike I am building is an S-Works 29er Single Speed. I really want a 32t chainring in front, but all the new Sram 2x10 stuff can't run a 32t. What is everyone using? What is my...
  13. Kona
    I've got a 2011 20" Unit frame arriving in a couple days that I'll be building up as a rigid SS for the buffer desert trails near Phoenix/AZ. Components will be my spare parts, hand-me-downs from my primary bike (Salsa Dos Niner), and some new parts. Fork: Buy a Salsa Cromoto: steel with nearly...
  14. 29er Bikes
    I'm looking to get a new SS rear wheel (disc) for my Monocog - right now I've got a 9-speed hub with spacers, and it's just not working out. I'd like to spend less than $300 on the wheel, but I'd like to be smart about it (I don't need to spend the max if it's not worth it). Here's what my...
  15. Sweet Baby Cheetah the SS Polo Bike

    SS polo bike. Frame: Specialized Hardrock rattlecanned w/ auto paint, running Cheetah decals, custom animal print saddle. 32x20 gearing.
  16. Single Spd Fun

    90's Waterford 1400 mtb w/ Henry James SS lugs.
  17. Henry James SS dropouts

    90's Waterford 1400 mtb w/ Henry James SS lugs.
  18. Single Spd Fun

    Opps, forgot to remove the chainstay guard. No need for it now. Before this it was set up with XTR M950 group and a Specialized/Judy Carbon Fork.
1-20 of 56 Results