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  1. Colorado - Western Slope
    I am planning to ride from Lost Trail campground to Silverton but never went over the pass that way. Anyone here have experience on that route? Here's the plan:
  2. Peter on the Bender Sender

    Peter, 15-year-old, Los Alamos, NM. 1st rider of the summer to jump the Silveton 45' creek gap, aka "Bender Sender". Picture was taken on his final jump of the weekend which landed him in the hospital. He's OK!
  3. Silverton, Colorado

    THIS is why Silverton should be your place to road-trip next summer. Trails build by advanced riders FOR advanced riders. This is actually a trail gap jump. There is another trail running directly under and perpendicular to him. Don't waste your time getting hassled at Vail any more. Vail hates D
  4. canfield rips

    lance cafield goes big off ladder drop @ silverton mt. smooth n' mild gettin' wild
  5. hippie [email protected]

    this is the hit i built at silverton this summer. the guy airin' it out is the kid who won the 2nd gravity fest- go if you can.
  6. bobnarly at silverton mt.

    end of a 2000' vertical run acouple of sweet 6-7' ladder drops
1-6 of 6 Results