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  1. The Trail

    That is the actual trail on top of the bridge. I decided to go off trail to get down to the river.
  2. Me & River

    Here I am taking a break next to one of the many rivers you will encounter on the Silver Comet Rail Trail.
  3. My bike on the trail!

    Well, I stoped to take a break, and decided to take some pictures of my bike.
  4. Rest Area

    The Silver Comet Rail Trail offers very nice and clean rest areas every few miles.
  5. Creek Running Under Trail

    While the Silver Comet Rail Trail might be in the city, it definatly finds beautiful wilderness at some parts.
  6. Single Track Trail off Main Trail!

    THis trail might be paved, but there are tons of challanging single track dirt runs along the sides of the trail.
1-8 of 8 Results