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    Seattle's mountain bike juggernaut highlighted by Mtbr last fall will get another steroid shot when a 17-mile trail bonanza officially opens May 19 at Raging River, a half-hour drive east of downtown. Dedication festivities starting at 10 a.m. will include all-day shuttles (already sold out at...
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    From clearcut on top into forest darkness below, Raging River delights. Photo courtesy Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance On a recent Saturday, a dozen mountain bikers from Bend, Oregon, met at a trailhead east of Seattle. Asked what brought them there, one said, "We heard about some rad new...
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    In the SeaTac airport parking lot at the beginning of a long weekend in December of 2002.
  4. Seattle Winter

    Seattle Winter

    Patrick, in the deep dark, December forest, near Seattle.