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  1. News & Reviews
    While last year's fall edition of the Life Time Sea Otter Classic was a stripped-down affair, the cycling industry's season kick-off was back in full force last weekend with packed racing fields and a bustling expo. Supply chain issues continue to dog the bike industry, resulting in fewer...
  2. News & Reviews
    The Sea Otter Classic made its return last Thursday. The four-day cycling celebration of cycling was somewhat diminished without the presence of brands such as SRAM, Giant, Trek, Santa Cruz, and Ibis. However, attendance was good, race participation was great, and there was still plenty of new...
  3. News & Reviews
    The Sea Otter Classic, North America's largest consumer cycling event set in beautiful Monterey, California, joins Life Time's robust line-up of renowned athletic events. The acquisition leaves in place the Sea Otter Classic leadership team and Event Co-Founder and Director Frank Yohannan, and...
  4. General Discussion
    This spring, the organizers of the Sea Otter Classic postponed this year's festival due to concerns arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was rescheduled for this October. Yet as luck would have it, the festival had to be canceled in the interest of public health and safety. Sea Otter...
  5. General Discussion
    Way back on March 5, the Sea Otter Classic was 'postponed' due to growing concerns over the Covid-19 outbreak. This was one of the first signs that something very serious was hitting the U.S. shores. Little was known about the virus at the time and what its impacts would be in the US. But first...
  6. General Discussion
    The 2020 Sea Otter Classic will take place on October 1-4. The Sea Otter Classic, the largest bike expo in North America, was postponed due to fears about the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Organizers recently announced the 2020 event has been moved from April 16-19 to October 1-4. Sea Otter...
  7. General Discussion
    The Sea Otter Classic of 2019 was exploding at the seems with 650 booths compared to last year's 500. No, it's not that the industry is exploding and sales are booming, but rather it's because of two recent phenomena. Steve Jones interviews Cedric and the Forestal crew to gain insights on the...
  8. Azul Helmets Babes

    A couple of lovely ladies, showing off an interesting helmet concept by Azul Helmets. They make helmets with interchangeable hat-like covers so you don't have to look like you're wearing a helmet. The also make traditional cross country mountain bike helmets for those of you who don't need to wear a
  9. Dual Slalom Qualifying, Sea Otter 2010

    Dual Slalom Qualifying on Thursday during the Sea Otter Classic 2010
  10. Dirt Jumping, Sea Otter 2010

    Dirt Jumping on Thursday during the Sea Otter Classic in 2010
  11. Mtbr Booth Duty Sign Ups

    Help out your favorite website! Sign up for Mtbr booth duty at the Sea Otter Classic:
1-19 of 119 Results