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sea otter 2019
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  1. Misc Components
    With the demise of Interbike the Sea Otter Classic has become the cycling industry's defacto North American annual tradeshow. The Sea Otter Classic is always packed with head-turning bikes and accessories. Some bikes are lust worthy; others make you wonder what the designers were smoking. This...
  2. General Discussion
    Hayes Performance Systems has unveiled a new product line called JUNIT (as in J-Unit) that's directly targeted at youth shredders who are looking towards a mountain bike rather than a BMXer. And make no mistake, this product line cuts no performance corners by matching all the attributes of the...
  3. Misc Components
    Clug's Clips are a clever and compact way to store your bicycle. These plastic clips can hold bicycles vertically by the front tire or horizontally by the rear. Clug launched on Kickstarter in 2014 with versions for road, hybrid and mountain bikes. The company recently expanded its line with...
1-3 of 3 Results