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  1. Families and Riding with Kids
    Kids' bikes have changed a lot since most adults were skidding down their parents' driveway a few decades ago. Today's best kids' bikes are designed to help new riders develop confidence and skills, but they also come built to last and are strong enough to pass along when it's time for a bigger...
  2. News & Reviews
    The Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 Taking a ride on the trails and enjoying the outdoors doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. You can get into mountain biking without spending a fortune. You just need to know where and have realistic expectations about what you can get within your budget...
  3. 27.5
    Schwinn is one of the oldest names in bicycles and yet their current offerings struggle to appeal to the hard core mountain biker. Nowadays it seems the only cool Schwinns are the retro cruisers, Crates and Stingrays. Why does it seem like the brand has almost zero "street cred"? Because the...
  4. Mongoose-Schwinn
    So I am going to look at a 2001 straight 6 and a 2000 4 banger on Thursday. They are both in "good" shape and have been upgraded from stock over the years. I don't have a full list of what is on each bike, I suppose I will find out Thursday. Anyway, the question is if there is anything specific...
  5. Trail Riding
    hey i'm new here and have read the thread concerning this issue... just wondering if there is a absolute answer to this problem... my sid is starting to leak and i don't wanna spend 350 or more to fix the problem... help me if you got an answer...
  6. The Relic...'01 Striaght 8

    2001 Schwinn Straight 8... built by those who once built the best...
  7. The Relic... '01 Straight 8

    7 year old DH platform, Made In America & still kicking azz...
  8. 2001 Straight 8

    the relic
  9. Old School Schwinn S-10 All Mountain

    I know, it's old in fact it's a 98. I just can't part with her, she's been a great bike. She's set up with risers, a rear RC, Rhino Lite XL's, FSA cranks, Avid brakes and cables, bomber single front fork and some nice, fat tires. The only thing left stock is the frame and seat post. Oh, and it was
  10. 1987 Schwinn Paramountain Ned Overend Signature Edition

    I noticed there's no rigid category... Tange Prestige tubing, full Shimano XT except for Suntour XC Rollercam Brakes, Post and Stem, as well as Bullseye hubs. Rims are Bontrager BCR-1/2. Seat is NOS Vetta TT and Tires are NOS IRC Geo Claw.

    There`s no gold at front anymore, white looks better for me.
  12. My Mesa

    Carbon bars, Easton stem, Manitou Super Splice fork, Alex rims, deore hubs, Raceface Cranks, Nashbar clipless pedals, Deore Frt der, STX-RC rear der.
  13. Schwinn High Sierra

    '86 Schwinn with rollercams front and rear. Rear is seatstay mounted
  14. Schwinn ST2 Suspension

    New ST2 suspension design from Schwinn. It's one of those things that's so simple and obvious you've got to wonder why no one has done it yet.
  15. Schwinn 4 Banger

    Here is my trusty steed. I'll list specs if anyone is interested. Cheers
1-15 of 15 Results