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  1. 29er Bikes
    We've already told you about Scott's 2017 Spark full suspension cross-country bike, plus some significant updates to the Swiss bike maker's road bike line. But perhaps more than any other bike, the revised Scott Scale is what defines this company. "Racing is our heritage," explained Jochen...
  2. General Discussion
    The Spark 900 Premium comes stock with a Shimano XTR drivetrain, Fox 34 fork, Fox Transfer dropper post, and Syncros XR1.5 alloy wheels. It's a highly capable bike. Perhaps the best test of a bike is to see how it performs when pushed past its point of intended use. At this past week's Scott...
  3. 27.5
    Scott launches new Limited Edition Scale 700 Series with 27.5-inch wheels at Sea Otter The new Scale 710 is sure to eat alive both 26-inch and 29-inch bikes on the XC circuit. The carbon fiber 710 frame weighs in at a scant 945 grams. MTBR got an exclusive first look at the brand new Scott...
  4. General Discussion
    Scott Sports has recently announced their Pro Mountain Bike Team set for a full 2013 season with 10 racers including Cameraon Dodge and Nathaniel Williams. The team races on the Scott Scale 900 RC and Scott Spark 900 RC. Look for them at a forthcoming race near you! Official Scott info...
  5. General Discussion
    Lightest production carbon hardtail frame in the world - Completely redesigned for 2011 the 899 gram (frame weight) Scott Scale. -Completely redesigned for 2011 -899 grams -IMP Carbon technology -new press fit BB30 -redesigned SDS (Shock Damping System) seat stays -no alloy on BB shell Be...
  6. Commuter - February 09 - 7,4 Kilo / 16,3 lbs

    My bad-weather roadie. When roads are salted and wet this is what i am riding with. Built around a trekking frame using left over MTB parts and some nice 28" wheels...still plenty fast.
  7. Scott Addict SL - 5,2 Kilo / 11,5 lbs

    My roadbike as it's used all year long. VERY fast, very light...a blast on the road.
  8. Nino's Bikes

    All Bikes in front of my house...a bike for every weather - no excuses!
  9. Scott Scale 10 - February 09 - 7,8 Kilo / 17,2 lbs

    My Winterbike for the wet and muddy winter-season.
  10. Scott Scale LTD - February 09 - 6,6 Kilo / 14,5 lbs

    As pictured set up for dry weather only. I don't like tires with no grip...usually i'm using Conti RaceKing 2,2" SS
1-10 of 10 Results