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  1. Full Suspension Bike
    Here’s your opportunity to have it shipped your way, possibly get it before the new year. Wife’s going to graduate school and someone’s gotta be “responsible” Apparently Vet School is a 50k a year just tuition, and me moving closer for a year won’t help her become a citizen since those con...
    $9,220 USD
  2. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Here's a fun little edit of Santa flying with his band of reindeer on mountain bikes. Santa, Rudolph, and the gang look forward to days off too! Hold on for deer life as they kick off vacation with a bike ride on "A Christmas Trail". Stuff of Reindeer dreams Thanks Santa (Brian Lopes), and...
  3. San-ta-ndem

    Aosty and Impy on a Christmas ride
1-3 of 3 Results