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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Hi there. Brand new to fat bikes, and building my first. I plan on riding around Long Island on the sand... and I'm sure I'm not a pioneer here. Between the soft-ish Atlantic sand, and the somewhat more rocky bays, what do you recommend? I've gone back and seen that BFL's were the...
  2. Fat bikes
    It doesn`t snow very often where I live in the UK........ BUT , being on a Peninsula means beach on three sides ! :D That`s why I love my Pug. Recent beach ride on the Duddon Estuary , Enjoy! Cheers, Dr FG :thumbsup:
  3. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Crossing the finish line, exhausted!
  4. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    We finished in a game reserve. With the drought, they were feeding the white rhino and we got quite close during the race!
  5. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Dad and I at the finish, 14 hours 16 minutes to complete 180km over 2 days
  6. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Dad riding behind me near the end
  7. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    A dry wash on the route. This sand is thick!
  8. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Dad heading towards Ball Bearing Hill, picture tennis bal sized rocks, half a metre deep, on an uphill!!
  9. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Dad and my nicknames on our cycling shirts, SuperDad and 10NaciT
  10. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Really tired after a 95km Day One!
  11. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Top of the first hill, called World's View.
1-11 of 11 Results