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  1. San Tan - Rock Peak

    After hitting Jeep trail, headed south to go between two peaks, and ended up in this wash. Actually rode in this for about a half a mile before coming to the park's south fence and a locked gate.
  2. San Tan - Rock Peak

    Jeep trail heading northwest from just north of rock peak. Single track came across this trail. This is closed to motor vehicles though - gate was locked.
  3. San Tan - Rock Peak

    One of the many forks in the trail I came across. Some ended up in washes, some hit jeep trails and other single track.
  4. San Tan - Rock Peak

    Heading west now, trying to find path through two peaks (off to south). This is all in the southern part of the park near where the "Iron Ranger, Limited Parking" entrance will be.
  5. San Tan - Rock Peak

    More on the way back south from the Saddle.
  6. San Tan - Rock Peak

    Heading south from saddle. Riding one of those unrideable San Tan trails again.
  7. San Tan - Rock Peak to Saddle

    Coming back down from Saddle (heading South) My son riding his Trek with me.
  8. San Tan - Rock Peak

    At top of saddle (the "unrideable San Tan's"!)
  9. San Tan - Rock Peak

    Looking back south from near top of saddle - trail below.
1-9 of 9 Results