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  1. Brake Time
    Howdy. Anyone got some first hand experience what the different performance feel is between Saint and XTR 4-piston stoppers? Also, is there anything rational that makes the XTR $100 more expensive?
  2. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    New video just added! Saint M820 first impressions from Santa Cruz's Syndicate, Trek's World Racing and Team Yeti. Find out what the top racers and their mechanics think about Shimano's new Saint! [youtube width="610" height="353"]httpv:// Shimano gave a...
  3. Misc Components
    Shimano has been busy lately, and the bleeding edge technology that came out on their XTR wonder child, has been slowly morphing itself into their other groups. The XT group was the initial candidate, then SLX recently got it for 2013, and now the downhill and freeride oriented Saint receives...
  4. 2003 KHS FR2000

    KHS FR2000 with full saint components Marzocchi 888 RC Mavic 823's
  5. Elan Able One

    Elan Able One, Saint drivetrain & brakes, Manitou Breakout fork, Fox Vanilla Shock. 7" front, 7" back travel. Made in Slovenia :)
1-5 of 6 Results