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  1. Russian Ridge - Ancient Oaks options

    In the middle of the trees, the type of sign changes to carved wood, instead of printed on aluminum sheet.
  2. Russian Ridge - Ancient Oaks

    Trails are well-maintained here. Mostly hikers. Nice place to intro a friend to MTB 101.
  3. Russian Ridge - Coyote

    Ever get the feeling you're being watched? This shot taken around 2:30pm when I looked up and saw this guy overviewing his domain.
  4. Russian Ridge - Silicon Valley view

    There is a 40-foot wooden deck with benches facing west, just off the trail. Looks like a great educational spot. This view of Stanford Univ looks opposite.
  5. Russian Ridge - Singletrack

    Singletrack from Gate RR07 through weeds, rocks, etc. Entry level, MTB 101.
  6. Russian Ridge - Gate 07

    Another entry point to the Preserve. This one follows a nice singletrack uphill to Eagle Ridge.
  7. Russian Ridge - Hawk Ridge view

    The view at Hawk Ridge : Silicon Valley looking east.
  8. Russian Ridge - Hawk Ridge`

    One of the easiest trails immediately after entering the Preserve. Nice overview of Silicon Valley to the east, and the fog-shrouded mtns and Pacific coast to the west.
  9. Russian Ridge - Parking Lot Sign

    This is the real sign. Other picture is the fire road after entry. Mea Culpa.
1-9 of 9 Results