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  1. The twins

    Too mush to list ck out photos
  2. 29er Bikes
    Cannondale showed a couple of new mountain bikes at Bike Press Camp today. In this video, Murray Washburn from Cannondale gives us highlights of the new Rush 29 -1 as well as the Scalpel 29 - Black Inc. Cannondale Rush 29 - 1 The name Rush will be familiar to Cannondale aficionadoes, but...
  3. My current full squish

    Older picture of my Rush before I got a few bling red bits, and taco'd the Crossmax's.
  4. Road rush

  5. my RUSH

    just got my RUSH mostly built up, full xtr/X.0 marta sl, crossmax sl, all the tricky light stuff. still putting the finnishing detals on her. tell me what yout think
1-12 of 12 Results