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    Panaracer is a revered brand when it comes to tires and we're pleased to see this new trail tire offering called the Panaracer Aliso, named after a famous Southern CA trail. It'll come in 2.4 and 2.6, packaged with lots of grip. Target weight is around 900 grams. The Aliso has smaller...
  2. 29er Bikes
    Touted as a powerful all-condition enduro race tire with excellent puncture resistance and all condition grip, Panaracer proudly showed Mtbr their new Romero tire. Key Features Center and middle knobs are 3D designed to excel on all conditions while maintaining grip Proprietary triple...
  3. South Coast from Romero

    South Coast from Romero

  4. 5 Spot on Romero

    5 Spot on Romero