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  1. Rocky Mountain
    I know Ventana and Turner offer a factory refurb program where you can get your frame repainted and bushings serviced by the factory itself. Does Rocky Mountain offer such a thing? I have 2 Rocky frames that are in need of some love and care. One Blizzard '96 for which the paint is old and the...
  2. XC racing and Endurance
    So I ride a weekly race series which has always been fun. I ride Sport category and have been doing pretty well this year. This past week though, the worst thing happened. We were all lined up on the start line when this guy comes late and decides to throw his bike on the front of the line...
  3. Trail Riding
    I can't find any information on the RMB reaper 1/2. does anyone have any experience with the reaper? durability, costs? hows it ride? sizing? geo? frame? i've looked everywhere and theres really not much information other then specs on the reaper. enlighten me and other curious people.
  4. Rocky Custom Fanatik

    The 4th bike. Top tube length... again good, standover bad. Ride was pretty good too...
1-4 of 4 Results