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rocky mountain

  1. What Bike to Buy
    Hi so I'm 15 been riding a trek model Y for a while and thought it was time for an upgrade I have 900 and was planning on waiting till I got more (originally aiming for a bottom line full suspension for 1500-2000) yet while looking i came across a rocky mountain ETSX-50 I did some research and...
  2. Rocky Mountain
    I know Ventana and Turner offer a factory refurb program where you can get your frame repainted and bushings serviced by the factory itself. Does Rocky Mountain offer such a thing? I have 2 Rocky frames that are in need of some love and care. One Blizzard '96 for which the paint is old and the...
  3. Downhill - Freeride
    Custom build, been on it for two weeks. I had one of these frames last year built up a bit differently. Got a few changes this year, like the DT wheels, MRP cranks, but the main difference is gettting the 888's on the front again. Marzocchi is definitely back. I'm loving the forks. A couple...
  4. Rocky Mountain
    Hi, stumbled upon this one: the frame says rocky mountain vertex to but it sure does not look like a rocky vertex to me! the paint job looks like 1998 but I ran through all mountainbike mags from 1994 till 1998 and did not find this frame setup from rocky mountain. Could this be a 1993...
  5. Flow 3.0 Profile

    Flow 3.0 Profile

    Here is my ride.
  6. Rocky Mountain Element 70

    Rocky Mountain Element 70

    see for more
  7. Rocky Mountain Slayer

    Rocky Mountain Slayer

    see for more
  8. Rocky Mountain Blizzard

    Rocky Mountain Blizzard

    for more information see
  9. RM ETSX 50 Fully Tricked Out

    RM ETSX 50 Fully Tricked Out

    MY 06 ETSX. Full XTR, Crossmax Wheels, Fox Shocks
  10. 2004 Blizzard

    2004 Blizzard

    Equipped with XT/XTR Red anodized RF Turbine Crank and Mavic 517 rims Brooks Pro saddle Downhill RF post and bar White RF stem, 120mm RF Deus headset Marzzochi Marathon S '04 105mm fork. Time Z Control pedals
  11. Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria

    Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria

    Mud surfing in the Addidas Evil Eye freeride park, in the Austrian Alps.
  12. Austrian Freeride Park

    Austrian Freeride Park

    A small stunt at the top of the Addidas Evil Eye freeride park in the Austrian Alps.
  13. Austrian Freeride Park

    Austrian Freeride Park

    Scott Hart on one of the stunts at the Addidas Evil Eye freeride park in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria.
  14. big air at Orehovo DH course in Moscow

    big air at Orehovo DH course in Moscow

    The bike is RM Switch with Stratos S8 fork
  15. Jump at Orehovo DH course in Moscow

    Jump at Orehovo DH course in Moscow

    Bike - Rocky Mountain Switch with Stratos S8 fork. The rider is jumping from dirt to "northshore" table via big gap.
  16. Rocky Custom Fanatik

    Rocky Custom Fanatik

    The 4th bike. Top tube length... again good, standover bad. Ride was pretty good too...
  17. Vanderham


    Thomas Vanderham on one of the big stepdowns in the upper part of the course.
  18. Wade Simmons

    Wade Simmons

    A funky, overview of Wade doing one of the big stepdowns at the bottom of the course. This was taken on Saturday, during qualifying. In fact, I think Wade opened it and this was the very first run of the day.
  19. Wade's Crash

    Wade's Crash

    Wade got bucked right over a 20 foot cliff. It was heinous. It looked horrible. But he got right up and evidently would have finished if he hadn't of broken a wheel. Not only do these guys have ungodly riding skills, they crash good, too.
  20. Fitz - Whistler

    Fitz - Whistler

    Jim Fitzgerald, Bike mag writer, grinning after riding an RM7 in the rain, at Whistler.