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  1. Frameset
    Brand New 57cm 4130 chromoly frame/fork with original headset, stem and seat post. I special ordered as a complete 2022 Radar Cafe (flat bar version) of the Radar drop bar gravel bike. It is the same exact frame. Since it was a special order I could not return it when I discovered it was the...
    $600 USD
  2. Rigid/Hardtail Bikes
    I‘m having a 29er steel frame built with an eye toward doing the Western Wildlands Route. The question is do I go hardtail or rigid. I’ve been riding full suspension for 20 years and haven’t spent any serious time on a rigid bike since the 90’s. I don't want gear failure to end my trip and was...
  3. General Discussion
    If with a trail hardtail (29er, more an all-arounder, not super aggressive) you wanted to simplify (less maintenance and cleaning) but still maintain some versatility (blue/green trails with moderate roots and rocks and elevation change, bike paths, cruising), would you rather… Drop the gears...
  4. Singlespeed
    Two quite different bikes and intents, but curious to get feedback on which you think would be more fun (I know relative to each person) and versatile. Both used bikes priced about the same: 2021 Lowside 27.5+ (used) already has a dropper added and a 32/19 gearing. In time could bring in a...
  5. For Sale SOLD

    Brand new 2021 Surly Krampus frame and fork. Size XL. Bought last summer with the intent of building up a nice single speed trail bike however life has gotten in the way and it never happened. The frame and fork have been sitting in my garage for too long so selling now. A bottom bracket and...
    $750 USD
  6. Rigid/Singlespeed Bike
    Samsara Custom Steel Single Speed: Handmade in Colorado This is a custom build that I had made while I lived in Boulder, Colorado. I love this bike but I am moving the family to Hawaii and can not take it. I put the geo chart in the pictures. For reference, I am 5'10 with average length legs...
    $2,800 USD
  7. For Sale Surly 1x1 Fork

    Wanted Parts and Accessories
    Looking for a Surly 1x1 fork, the 80mm non-suspension corrected version, which is 413mm axle to crown and has v brake bosses. Also interested in the Carver 410mm fork, or the Surly Troll 420mm fork. Been looking for EU sellers, so hoping I might get lucky here. Though I know it's probably...
    $100 USD
  8. Forks - rigid
    Selling the following lightly used carbon 29+ mountain bike fork: -Whisky No.9 (No.9 15mm Mountain Fork | Whisky Parts Co) -15mm thru-axle (included) -100mm hub width -29" x 3" tire clearance -internal brake cable routing (I can tell you how I kept mine external if you'd like) -steerer...
  9. 29er Bikes
    I have been riding the same frame since 2007-ish mid year. A steel bike that I thought "steel is real" sorta mind set. Heck I used my Independent Fabrications for 10years of similar style riding. Over the years I have gotten it sorted out but unfortunately it seems it has a break growing in the...
  10. 29er Bikes
    Show me you Single Speed 29er - here is mine
  11. Singlespeed
    OK, I'm sold on singlespeed and love it. Now I'm wondering if I should go rigid. I have a Rock Shox Revelation fork. I like it, no issues. But I'm thinking I could drop some weight, further simplify my bike, and probably have a more 'pure' riding experience. I'd probably become a better rider...
  12. Singlespeed
    I went out riding to day on my usual after work route: I noticed that my Z1 was not working as well as it normally does; here are the picture of the seals: obviously my "expert" enduro seal replacement did not work out :madman::madman::madman: Anyway, my surly 1x1 came with the surly 1x1...
  13. Kona
    I've got a 2011 20" Unit frame arriving in a couple days that I'll be building up as a rigid SS for the buffer desert trails near Phoenix/AZ. Components will be my spare parts, hand-me-downs from my primary bike (Salsa Dos Niner), and some new parts. Fork: Buy a Salsa Cromoto: steel with nearly...
  14. Singlespeed
    There is no difference. No need to say fully rigid. A bike with a suspension fork is called a hardtail. A bike with a shock* is called a full suspension bike, unless someone is dumb enough to put a rigid fork on a FS frame. Nobody would do that, so let's not even go there. But if they did it'd...
  15. Singlespeed
    So I was thinking about building up a SS 29er and am looking for some help. My plan is to reuse most of the parts off of my outgrown 2002 specialized rockhopper, The two frames I am trying to decide between are the Vassago Jabberwoky and the Missfit diSSent. Which is a better pick? Pros/cons of...
  16. Singlespeed
    heres mine for starters. now lets se yours.
  17. Cinder Kone Rebuild

    Just took all my winter parts off and rebuilt with new Race Face/XT stuff. Also switched to Nuke Proof carbon fiber fork.
  18. Giant ATX 760 c. 1992 with 9sp XT drivetrain

    Singletrack setup with WTB Mutano Raptor Race 26 x 2.4 tires

    Late80s/early 90s ?
1-20 of 28 Results