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  1. Passion
    I ride my Trek 930 on the trails and in town. I'm trying to save up for a nice full suspension bike (I'm 15 so, no job yet) and was thinking about selling it once i get close to my final amount, but what would I ride in town. I don't want to look like I'm showing off with a shiny Trek or fancy...
  2. California - Norcal
    My homie Brad is riding his Santa Cruz Blur LT to Whistler as you're reading this. Check out this video of his harmonica setup!!!! 108 miles The journey to Canada kicked off on June 19th when Brad left his home in Soquel at 5 in the...
  3. California - Norcal
    Riding and not riding?? What May by the Bay rides are you doing? My son has 5 baseball games in 4 days. But he is sick. I think that means more riding time for me. fc
  4. Taken to Early

    a photo of me jumpin a small kicker, obviously taken way to early! Oh well, we cant all have magazine photographers with us all the time...
  5. Riding

    My friend Alex just riding.
1-5 of 5 Results