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  1. What Bike to Buy
    Been riding for about 3 years on mainly single track at Folsom Lake near Sacramento CA. I am 46 years old, 6 ft tall 200 lbs. I have absolutely fallen back in love with mountain biking after taking about 20 years off. I am currently riding a XC Trek Marlin 5 29er. Great bike that got me back...
  2. Misc Components
    Howdie! I am currently ripping a carbon 5010 and have been tempted to get a bash guard (already had a few close calls). I have ISCG-05 mounting and a 32t front ring. I am looking at either the MRP AMG V2 or the e*Thirteen TRS. Wondering if anyone uses one of these for a bash guard and what their...
  3. Oregon
    Yo, So I am considering moving to Bend and I hear its got stellar mountain biking! I’ve grown up riding in Minnesota, love riding jumps, techy sections and flowy trails but looking to step up my riding game. Wondering what the Mtn Biking is like there? Also if you have general opinions...
1-3 of 4 Results