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  1. Research Park

    Tator riding the trails at the Research Park in Starkvegas, Mississippi.
  2. "The Wave"

    Relocated to the Tech Trail at the Research Park Trails
  3. New Boardwalk

    New boardwalk bridging the wet area behind the CAVS building
  4. Autumn season at the Research Park

    trail, falling leaves and fallen trees
  5. Research Park

    Trail winding through the trees
  6. Section of the Ridge Trail

    along the top of the Ridge Trail
  7. Reasearch Park 10-1-05

    Trail leading up to the bridges
  8. 3-way

    Go right, straight or take a left onto the tech trail.
  9. Single track

    Section of single track winding it's way through the trees.
  10. Clay bank

    Part of the Technical trail
  11. Fuel and trail (phone cam image)

    My Fuel on the RP Trail along the creek and RR trestle
1-11 of 11 Results