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  1. General Discussion
    Mountain bikes weren't always so complicated. Remember that Fat Chance Mtbr spotted at Interbike a few weeks back? Well, that wasn't the only cool bike hanging out at the Marin Museum of Bicycling booth. This vintage Schwinn was also kicking around. They don't make head badges like they...
  2. 27.5
    The Lowdown: Breezer Repack Team Breezer is a mountain bike company started by pioneer Joe Breeze and the bike is named for the famous Repack Race held at the dawn of mountain biking. This Repack is an all mountain bike with 160mm of travel rolling on 27.5" wheels. The suspension design...
  3. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly among the originals featured on network show Other than starting with the letter "r," the mountain bike events known as Repack and Rampage have little to do with each other. Though the latter-a modern day, energy drink-infused spectacle televised by...
  4. 27.5
    It was cool to catch up with Joe Breeze as he showed us his new Repack All Mountain bike. This features a very innovative 160mm of full suspension travel with a mid-pivot chainstay. This design is called the M-Link Suspension and it comes from Sotto Design, a third party suspension design firm...
  5. Breezer bike on Repack, 1978

    Repack Downhill, 1978. Bike is Breezer #2.
1-5 of 5 Results