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  1. Downhill - Freeride
    Hey, I tried to search for a similar topic because im sure its been asked to many times already but had no luck. Iv heard a lot of people recommend that if you live close to bike parks and plan to frequent them then you should get a full downhill bike because its the safest on the bike and your...
  2. Frame Building
    I have a 2014 canfield nimble 9 frame. It has a travel recommendation of 140mm but i was thinking about putting a 150-160mm. is the recommendation important.
  3. Beginner's Corner
    Hello and firstly, yes I did read the noobie post in it's entirety. So, I'm in need of some recommendations, since I've not really had/ridden a bike since I was in my mid-late teens, which I like to think wasn't long ago but I'm hitting the big three oh this year, so it must be over ten years...
  4. Fat bikes
    I'm running a pair of OMW winter bike shoes that I picked up for an impossible-to-resist price from someone who'd bought them too small. Now that we've dropped into the 20F range here in NH, I switched from my summer flat shoes to the OMWs on studded flat pedals. I'm having two problems with...
  5. What Bike to Buy
    Hello All, I have been riding a Gary Fisher X-Caliber for the past 5.5 years. My frame just broke, I never registered it, and the shop went out of business a couple years ago. So, no frame replacement:mad: Good news is, I am now shopping for a new bike! I live in SW Virginia and am looking...
1-5 of 5 Results