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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Hello, I'm from Serbia, and we don't have much options for tires. I currently have 150mm/140mm travel all-mountain bike, running Magic Mary 26x2.35 front and Continental Mountain King 26x2.3 on rear which I want to change. I will leave Magic Mary on front. My options are for rear are: WTB...
  2. What Bike to Buy
    Hello everybody, I was wondering if it would be possible to switch from the standard 2007 BMC trailfox rear suspension setup to the updated 2008+ supension setup. It looks like it could be done and i think it would make improvements
  3. Marzocchi Roco RC

    The 2006 Marzocchi Roco RC rear shock. For more on the Roco and all the 2006 Marzocchi products, see my complete story:
1-4 of 4 Results