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  1. General Discussion
    The Flatline is Bontrager's first flat pedal offering. Bontrager recently entered the flat pedal market with the Line Pro. To compliment their new flats, Bontrager is debuting a new shoe. The Flatline is their first flat pedal offering. Developed in conjunction with Ryan "R-Dog" Howard, it...
  2. Enduro Racing
    Bontrager Lithos with light mounted. New from Bontrager helmets are the Rally and Lithos, aimed squarely at the all mountain and enduro markets. They feature better coverage for more demanding descending applications. Both helmets are attractive and have plenty of large vents to ensure proper...
  3. 280 km fireroad Riding

    In south Korea 36 hours 280 km MTB Rally. Our team had ridden about 35hours 30 minutes.
1-3 of 3 Results