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  1. Clydesdales/Tall Riders
    Hey riders - Anyone running the 600#/in coil on their Push Industries 11.6 shock? If so, what's your weight? I'm right on the cusp of Push's recommended max rider + gear 'system weight' of 265 lbs max. Their technical sales guru said I'm probably "Ok as long as it's under 268 lbs kitted-up...
  2. PUSH One-Off (by head PUSH tech - Jimmy)

    Jimmy visited and rode last week with us. He's done some shocks for us and friends. Everyone raves!!! (In fact, like it a lot better than new 3-way spv on new bike, but I digress�) He did a custom upgrade for us I didn't want to post immediately, for fear of being perceived as biased. I waited to
1-2 of 2 Results