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    To understand the Surly Pugsley and its intent best to hear from the creators themselves. "Way back in twenty-aught-three, we found ourselves tired of riding over the same old sorts of terrain," Surly explains. "We wanted to go over there but the trail only went over here. We wanted to go for...
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    A Fatbike, in simple terms, is a hardtail mountain bike with super wide tires. These bikes are used in snow or sand, but an ever increasing number of mountain bikers are using them on their local dirt trails. The biggest benefit is increased traction (wider tires, lower pressure). The...
  4. pugs

  5. Pugsley

    Surly pugsley
  6. Pugsley

    Surly pugsley
  7. Pugsley

    Surly pugsley
  8. Pugsley

    Surly pugsley
  9. Pugsley

    Surly pugsley
  10. Pugsley

    Surly pugsley
  11. Pugsley

    Surly pugsley
  12. Pugsley

    Surly pugsley
  13. night shot

    Pug with full panniers & racks, night shot
  14. Pugsley

  15. Pugsley

  16. Pugsley

  17. Pugsley

  18. Pugsley

1-20 of 32 Results