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  1. Apparel and Protection
    ZOIC started making mountain bike apparel over 20 years ago and they have consistently been offering quality clothes at affordable prices. Earlier this year they launched the Prophet, their first foray into the world of MTB specific shoes. At this year's Sea Otter Classic they had the Prophet on...
  2. General Discussion
    Contest ended. Congrats to Danny R. from Flushing, NY, Kevin D. from Seattle, WA, and Roland K. from Langley, BC.
  3. Cannondale Prophet

    My Prophet
  4. Prophet

    My Prophet
  5. Prophet 650B

  6. 0206091538

  7. 0206091538a

  8. My Prophet 600

    Prophet 600 LX shifters, e thirteen bashguard
  9. quick release

    salsa lives!
  10. My new C'dale Prophet SL

    Based on a Prophet 600 but with a shorter Fox RP3. The headset is a CaneCreek Double XC and the fork is a german Magura Phaon (travel adjustement 90-125)
  11. My Cannondale Prophet

    Prophet 600, but worked over. Rohloff Speedhub, Juicy 7s, XM819s, etc
1-11 of 11 Results