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  1. Apparel and Protection
    Hi all I am new here and seeking for help.. Recently I just brought an bell super DH size M as I measure my head is about 56.5 cm, Forehead and back area I able to adjust and get it fit by retention system, however, the helmet is likely too low at the ear side, result my ear have pressure...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I was out riding yesterday and set my bike down as the sun set and when I got on the bike after 30min, the gears and the dropper stopped working. So im guessing its something with cables, I believe its because of the cold as its the coldest night I've been out and it was frosty and...
  3. Brake Time
    i also posted on pinkbike: so i was replacing my front tyre,and i flipped my bike upside down,so it was standing on the bars and the rear tyre. i have put the wheel back in,and while upside down,i gave it a...
1-3 of 3 Results