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  1. General Discussion
    What is it? Weighing in at 520g for the complete system including lever and cables, the Koryak is a 120mm dropper post. It is cable actuated for simplicity, reliability and easy installation. It is available in 30.9- or 31.6mm diameter options, with an 'infinite' or non-indexed selection of...
  2. Misc Components
    Tharsis 9.8 is designed for those riders who can't resist the urge to head downhill in the most direct route possible. Shimano's component arm PRO was busy at Eurobike, showing off a host of new gear for both downhill and cross country racers and riders. Highlights of the 2016 line include new...
  3. Kathy Pruitt

    Jamis pro downhill racer, Kathy Pruitt. Kathy took third in the world finals this year.
  4. Eldora XC Pro Ladies

    Pro Women
  5. Willow

    Look at that cute, innocent-looking face. And then check out those crusher legs. Holy moly! Willow Koerber lays down the law.
  6. Good Marketing

    Soulcraft ladies during the pro/expert XC race.
  7. Mud Man

    This guy crashed in some at the very beginning of the pro/expert XC race.
  8. Alison Train

    Alison Dunlap, pulling the pro women's XC field, near the beginning of the seond lap. She ended up finishing third in this race.
  9. Dave Yakaitas - Number One!

    Our friend, Dave. He's been working his ass off for a few years, and what do you know? He goes and spanks the pro/expert singlespeed field by over four minutes. Way to go, Dave! You are a badass. And I guess riding that big bike around does pay, huh?
  10. Mary McConneloug

    Last year's US champ and Team Kenda/Seven pro, Mary McConneloug, looking fresh and strong near the beginning of the first lap of Sunday's 38 mile pro XC race.
  11. Pro Men's XC

    Pro men on one of the first downhills, during the first lap of Sunday's pro/expert XC race.
  12. Love the Suffering

    Singlespeed racer near the beginning of his second lap during the Sunday afternoon pro/expert XC race.
  13. Marzocchi Pro 888

    Custom painted Marzocchi 888 fork for one of the sponsored lady riders. This was a super-secret, spy photo taken in the back of the Marzocchi van. But I only got around to posting it today. Sorry for dropping the ball. But it's a tasty fork, isn't it? How many dudes would have the balls to rock a pi
  14. Chelsea

    Pro DH racer Chelsea, in the Pinball section of the DH course.
  15. Mark Weir - Super D

    Classic Weir face in the middle of Super D course.
1-20 of 24 Results