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  1. General Discussion
    Update: Build Gateway Green - How to get great trails for the price of an inner tube. An inner tube costs roughly $5. When you get a flat in the middle of nowhere, that $5 investment seems like a small price to keep rolling. Portland's Build Gateway Green project can do even better-it can turn...
  2. Oregon
    Hello Oregon, I am a 23 year old male college grad from Western New York who rides/races mtn bikes looking for some advice: I am signed up for the Cascade Huts mtb trek around Mt hood July 20th-24th, and gave myself an extra full day (Sunday) afterwards in Portland to do some exploring...
  3. Upgrade to better cranks

    Stompy gets a stronger crank and BB set: Truvativ Stylo GPX. (scored it used on ebay) Makes a HUGE difference.
  4. portland short-track series # 7, 8/3/09

    Last race in the series; I improved my results and covered more laps than in any other week of the series. DEFINITELY doing this next year!
  5. portland short-track xc series # 1 6/22/09

    First-ever mountain bike race. Loved it!
  6. General Discussion
    source: Uhlman, Shawn
1-6 of 6 Results