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  1. News & Reviews
    Under new rules, e-bikes aren't allowed on Moab's mountain bike-specific trails like Captain Ahab. In a move that could prove to be a bellwether for other trail systems across the US, the Moab Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has posted updated guidelines to their web page...
  2. Passion
    A couple trails. One is iconic, one is just down the street from my house, but well known. The first trail was so much fun and at I quit taking photos at some point so I could just fly. I'll be going back to get more photos soon, and I'll start up higher. Saturday started with this view...
  3. porcupine rim castle view

    view from the top
  4. Me landing-sideways

    This is the first time I went off the drop. Was a little sideways on takeoff, and landed sideways.
  5. Porcupine Rim

    Me goin off one of the drops on Porcupine Rim in Moab
  6. porcRim

    i got the famous bikers tan on this cloudless ride this past summer. 6 months later, i still have it.
  7. Poser's

    Yeah Sinuhe and another rider posing on Wiley Coyote point overlooking Castle Valley on Porcupine Rim.
  8. All Hail The Greatest Trail On Earth

    Sinuhe had just repaired a flat at the top of Porcupine Rim and started doing a little dance to keep th estorm clouds away. The thunderheads caught up to Steve and Sinuhe about the point you hit singletrack at the canyons edge lightening was striking the upper rim. The bottom section of singletrack
  9. Porcupine Rim Moab, UT

    Nate, John, and I on Porcupine Rim Trail. Quite possibly the best trail on earth.
  10. more porcupine rim

    me on porupine rim
  11. porcupine rim

    overlook at porcupine rim
  12. porcupine rim group

    Matt, me, Jim, Tim
  13. porcupine rim

    Tim decends
  14. climbing porcupine rim

    Matt climbs
1-14 of 14 Results