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  1. North & South Carolina
    Hey everyone! I'm about to move to Asheville from Raleigh and was wondering: what is the general fitness level required for the trail biking out here? I've been mountain biking for 3 years in the triangle, and even though I feel I'm in decent shape for the rides around here I see the maps for...
  2. North & South Carolina
    I can't do the race this year; rolled entry over from last year. Ping me if you're interested. (Apologies if this isn't the right place)
  3. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Dropping into the Bennett Gap trail in the famed Pisgah National Forest. The Jeff Lenosky Trail Boss Series is back, this time coming from his favorite place to ride in North America, North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest. The trip was part party at the Burning Can Festival put on by Oskar...
  4. 27.5
    Brad Devaney works in the Product Design and Development department of Litespeed. Litespeed has been making Titanium bikes for years, right here in the U.S. Check out their latest updates to the Pisgah, Citico and Sewanee which are now available in 26", 27.5 and 29er versions. Pisgah...
  5. Pisgah, NC

    Me at a scenic view in the Pisgah National Forest outside Asheville, NC
  6. LongBranch

  7. note to self

  8. map

  9. Caney Bottom Staircase

    from the Gathering rides
  10. 24HOP05

  11. Big Creek

    photo / art
  12. Laurel Mountain

    photo / art
  13. Slaterock

    photo / art
  14. Pilot Cove

    photo / art
  15. like Butter

    photo / art
  16. Roadtrippin

    photo / art
  17. Looking Glass

    view from the BRP
  18. Nice View

    on 64 from Toxaway
  19. roots

1-20 of 77 Results