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  1. BIKE OTAGO opening - Pink Yeti Down Hill

    A new bike shop in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand at 144 Great King Street deals in Yeti's, Diamond backs and other bikes.. this is the owners bike.
  2. Pink my ride!

  3. roxieʻs custom pink enduro

    Thanks to the local harley shop for amazing pearlescence, i got this done for my wife, little girls all over town spin around when she rides by, last week two girls said "look! its the pink bike" -its pretty funny, and a really good riding bike. medium frame and only about 26.25 pounds
  4. Marzocchi Pro 888

    Custom painted Marzocchi 888 fork for one of the sponsored lady riders. This was a super-secret, spy photo taken in the back of the Marzocchi van. But I only got around to posting it today. Sorry for dropping the ball. But it's a tasty fork, isn't it? How many dudes would have the balls to rock a pi
1-4 of 4 Results