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  1. Shocks and Suspension
    Questions for resident suspension experts: Question #1: Yesterday serviced my 160mm SoloAir RCT3 Pike fork(FS-PIKE-RCT3-A1) and upgraded the air spring to debonair. The damper side calls for 5ml of oil. Not entirely clear about the air spring side, upgrade video calls for the same amount, some...
  2. Shocks and Suspension
    Hi everyone, I am about to buy a new 29er trail bike, with 140mm/140mm front-rear. I can customize some items and I have some doubts regarding these two options: RockShox Pike Ultimate RCT3 + Deluxe Ultimate RCT Fox 34 Float FIT4 Factory + DPX2 Performance Elite The overall weight is almost...
  3. Shocks and Suspension
    What is the best 160/170mm fork for me ? I am 75kg i run a levo expert 2019 27.5 and i like comfort feeling . I have a pike 160 upraged with Proimpact kit , custom debonair and low density oil. I love it but i am upgrades addicted. I do not want to add too much weight
  4. Shocks and Suspension
    Kit Upgrade Debonair evoluzione per Lyrik Yari Pike Revelation customized debonair
  5. Shocks and Suspension
    What is the best charger for a pike fork including custom aftermarket non original chargers ?
  6. General Discussion
    Sam Hill's Nukeproof Mega proudly showing off updated RockShox line. RockShox has overhauled the Sektor, Reba, Recon, Judy, 30, Bluto, and Pike DJ suspension forks with added performance and value. Moving further down the line the long travel forks are also updated. The Lyrik and Yari get a...
  7. 29er Bikes
    The Deville offers both low and high speed compression and single rebound adjustment. Boss Deville 35 Returns The all-mountain suspension segment is extremely competitive, but French manufacturer BOS has something special with their new Deville 35 fork. Unlike the bladder systems used by...
  8. General Discussion
    When RockShox reintroduced the Pike four years ago in all its murdered glory, it set a new benchmark for suspension performance. It forced competitors to step up and it made black stanchions sexy again. Taking what they learned from that seminal product, RockShox has since launched several...
  9. General Discussion
    Photo courtesy of RockShox RockShox has announce the release of an amped-up version of their highly-regarded Pike fork specifically designed for the rigors of dirt jumping and slopestyle called the Pike DJ. Available in 100 and 140mm travel options, the $884, 26-inch-only fork features an...
  10. Shocks and Suspension
    RockShox Pike Fork The Pike is a complete new redesign for RockShox, and the All-Mountain fork will be available in 150mm and 160mm travel for the 26", 27.5" and 29" sizes (29er also gets 140mm), with tapered aluminum steerer and 15mm Maxle. The all-new chassis has 35mm stanchions, a highly...
  11. Pimped Teocali

    My Pimped out Teocali • Rockshox Pike 454 Dual Air with Pop Loc Remote • Shimano DX Flat Pedals • Spank 2 timer stem 50mm • Hope Pro 2 front hub • Da Bomb Camo Rims • Rockshox Pearl (comming soon) Everything else stock from Teocali Comp
  12. Front end

    mmm... Pike 454 Dual air. Juicy 7's. Full XO
  13. Giant AC

  14. Giant AC

1-16 of 16 Results