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  1. Virginia, WV, Maryland, DC, Delaware
    Today I raced the spring fair hill mass race. there were people all over the course taking photos. I have spent a while now scouring the internet for a place to find these photos. The masuperseries website does not have good information on this. Does anyone know where to find photos from the...
  2. General Discussion
    From the forums, the Mtbr community shows us their best riding photos of 2012. It is obvious that we have some really talented bike photographers on our site. It's not always easy to carry the camera gear and then remember to make the extra effort to stop, compose the shot, then process it and...
  3. General Discussion
    (photo credit: slide mon) With the vast improvements in the quality of the camera that is built-in to most smart phones these days, it's now easier than ever to post photos to Mtbr live and direct from the trail! Mtbr forum member "slide mon" started a thread for just this purpose in our...
  4. General Discussion
    (thanks to Mtbr forum member: ianjenn for the photo above) On our web stats, demographic analysis and surveys all show that the Trail/All Mountain rider is the largest segment of our users. However, when it comes to visually stunning photos and eye popping big air, the Downhillers and...
  5. Passion
    I lost it. I lost it hard. 2 kids, lose of a economic downturn building construction based job, becoming a stay-at-home dad, nights of no sleep, sick kids, wife working full time. It all conspired to keep me off my bike. Oh i tried but every time I planned something something fell through and i...
  6. General Discussion
    The 2011 Bike Lights Shootout is here >> Note: An update with 2011 lights is coming soon Here is the summary data for the lights we have so far. We will publish our data and photos of each beam pattern in this article. In the coming...
  7. Europe
    Show us your season. I suggest one picture a month. Our season started in April and will probably end this month. So here is from April to November within 4 hours from our place.
  8. Passion
    All right yall im looking for inspiration for a XC built for the spring, lets see those hardtail cross country bikes you have stored away after that long winter.
1-8 of 19 Results