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  1. Azul Helmets Babes

    A couple of lovely ladies, showing off an interesting helmet concept by Azul Helmets. They make helmets with interchangeable hat-like covers so you don't have to look like you're wearing a helmet. The also make traditional cross country mountain bike helmets for those of you who don't need to wear a
  2. Bender And Canfield

    Josh Bender and Lance Canfield hanging out at the Canfield Brothers poachmobile during the 2009 Interbike Outdoor Demo.
  3. Blk Mrkt Killswitch

    Carter Holland and his new bike, the Blk Mrkt Killswitch, which can be set up for dirt jumps, slopestyle or aggressive trail riding.
  4. Kathy Pruitt

    Jamis pro downhill racer, Kathy Pruitt. Kathy took third in the world finals this year.
  5. Yeehaw Drunks

    Bunch o cowdrunks hanging out at the Dirt Rag booth and drinking their free booze.
  6. sunnyracergirl and dhs

    Mtbr community members, sunnyracergirl and dhs, at the SRAM XX bike giveaway.
  7. Hollywood

    International bike nerd and Mtbr community star, Hollywood.
  8. Jericho Frame Wiener

    Josh Ogle (on the right) with the talent contest winner. She made animal sounds (watch it!) for a decisive win and a beautiful Jericho steel frame.
  9. Ken in KC

    He was there. Here he is with a foxy mama I assume must be his other ride. Can I actually say that? Well, I just did. Ex-Sportworks Eric was trying to make moves on her. But I don't think it worked.
  10. Hurl

    Proud tobacco smoker and the man behind Cars-R-Coffins, Hurl.
  11. Clunker Crit

    Some Clunker Crit action. What I want to know is, did that suit come all the way from Minneapolis, just for the Clunker Crit? Or was it purchased spontaneously, at Fruita's local thrift store?
  12. Fruita Personalities

    Pete - he's had it up to here with your antics.
1-20 of 22 Results