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  1. Singlespeed
    I went out riding to day on my usual after work route: I noticed that my Z1 was not working as well as it normally does; here are the picture of the seals: obviously my "expert" enduro seal replacement did not work out :madman::madman::madman: Anyway, my surly 1x1 came with the surly 1x1...
  2. California - Norcal
    I'm part of an adventure racing club called Racing With Giants based in SF and Palo Alto. We are 13 dedicated adventure racers. We want to expend and make more teams - we want to meet men and women who are already dedicated mountain bikers. We are looking for mountain bikers who are into long...
  3. Prctise

    It takes practise to get a manual.
  4. Stitches

    These are the 14 stitches that I got because of the wound I got from the worst pedal bang these shins have ever seen. So, WEAR SHIN GAURDS!
1-4 of 4 Results