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  1. Rigid/Hardtail Bikes
    I just picked up this 26" On-One Inbred frame and am trying to figure out what year it is from so I can get some geometry details and figure what length fork(rigid or suspension, I haven't decided yet) I should put on it. Unfortunately, with all my scouring if the internet I have not been able...
  2. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    The guys from On-One recently posted this ride stoke video with a twist. Instead of huckin' on the latest dirt jump hardtail or freeride full suspension rig, they chose to shred on a fatbike. A 24-inch fatbike, that is. The bike is called the On-One Fun Fatty and features 24" fatbike tires...
  3. 29er Bikes
    On-One main man Shiggy gave me the low down on a new prototype 29er (and 26") tire called the Smörgåsbord. It is a 60 TPI tire designed for most conditions (except pure hard pack or pure slop and goo). It features good traction and grip, lots of working edges, sipes to give flexibility, softer...
  4. General Discussion
    On-One Dirty Disco Carbon Cyclocross Frameset Preorder On-One's dirty secret is finally ready! The "Dirty Disco" is On-One's brand new disc compatible carbon cyclocross frame and already it is causing a stir on the cyclocross circuit. It's available to pre-order now...
  5. General Discussion
    On One and Titus are looking for Global Brand Ambassadors to help us spread the word and showcase our products. This is not about race results, it is about you. We want people who love what we do to help us spread the word about our products around the globe. Here is how to apply: 1) Create a...
  6. General Discussion
    Portland, Oregon, 11th August 2011 - They say you never forget your first love - Shedfire and Brant Richards rejoin On-One and head up Titus. When Brant Richards the self styled eccentric Northern English mountain bike designer and Planet-X entrepreneur Dave Loughran joined forces in the UK...
  7. Trail Riding
    Trying to decide if the lighter carbon version is worth it. I dont want to be scared of bashing the down tube into some rocks or downed trees but i know im gonna love the weight loss when i'm climbing (which i do a bit of) And for those of you with 456 setups, what fork do you have/reccomend...
  8. 29er Bikes
    Just seeing if anyone has put this tire on the rear of their Inbred, does seem like there should be plenty of space. Want to try a Ardent 2.4/WWLT 2.55 (flipped) combo. Thanks!
  9. 29er Bikes
    Anyone know who may have some frame decals? On One doesn't....
  10. On-One Inbred 29er

    On-One Inbred 29er
  11. On-One "Mungo" bar

    mtb "moustache" bar
  12. On-One "Midge" mtb drop bar
1-12 of 13 Results