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    Completely reimagined for 2021, the JET 9 RDO reasserts its position as Niner's most popular, most versatile, and most agile trail bike. With hyper-capable frame geometry and 120mm of suspension travel, you'll float up technical climbs, blast downhills, and fly smoothly over everything in...
  2. News & Reviews
    Niner has released a new version of the JET 9 RDO updated with modern lower/slacker geometry and a more aggressive attitude. The latest iteration is a wholehearted departure from the bike's cross-country roots. The 2021 JET 9 RDO is designed for dogfights in the crowded field of short travel...
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    Niner has launched a new version of its long-travel 29er, the WFO 9 RDO. The new model boasts 170mm of rear travel paired with a 180mm suspension fork and adjustable geometry that looks well-rounded for aggressive trail riding and enduro racing. Read on for all the details. Niner WFO 9 RDO...
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    2018 Niner rip 9 rdo. Looking to buy a lightweight coil shock. NOT LOOKING TO SAVE WEIGHT WITH A COIL. Just hoping to find the lightest coil, good performance available. Any suggestion other than Push Suspension. Hoping to find a good quality coil shock at a lower price.
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    Does anybody have experience with the Fox DHX air rear shock on a RIP 9. I don't know if they will fit. Also curious if anybody put a shock that measures 7.875x2.25 inches instead of the stock 7.875x2 inches. I don't know if the extra 1/4 inch would cause the rear tire to smack the seattube.
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    After spending last 2 months reading reviews, trying and renting various bikes (Mojo, SC Blur, Specialized Epic 29er, Pivot Mach 5.7 and Yeti ASR 5c) I have decided on a SC Tallboy. This is going to be my 1st 29er. I really wanted to get a DW-link bike, but really loved the ride on the Tallboy...
  7. 29er Bikes
    I went window shopping yesterday to compare 29ers. I was looking at the Giant XTC 2 1100.00, Niner EMD frame, Marin Pine Mtn 1100.00 single speed, or Marin Alpine Trail 1000.00 single speed. The Niner would be custom built with lower grade parts for around 1500.00 All are Hardtail bikes. Also I...
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    I want to convert my stans no tubes ztr arch rims to tubeless, but im a little unsure of what steps I have to skip with the no tubes rims. I know all the steps and have watched the videos, but i cant find what steps i have to skip anywhere. thanks cormac
  9. Singlespeed
    Hey all, I'm currently building up my Niner one9, and not really too sure which way to go as far as the crank with the EBB. I'm looking in the less than 200$ range. Thanks!
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    real gun off-road
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1-20 of 51 Results