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  1. Nicolai Ion 16

    The first version: BOS suspension, Chromag cockpit, Shimano XT/Saint brakes
  2. In the woods

    In the middle of a good ride, enjoying the trails
  3. The most recent pic

    Now the shock has changed, from the BOS Kirk to the EXT Storia Lok V3; heavier but better feeling (for me)
  4. General Discussion
    Following the AM and the AC the new Helius line is getting a new sibling. Our latest baby has taken the name of the Helius AFR, it stands for All Freeride. The name is the destination: Bikepark playgrounds, trail hunting, gaps 'n steps, epic descents, spot hopping while dropping in where...
  5. General Discussion
    The problem of front derailleur position for full suspension bikes is as old as full suspension itself. Instead of concentrating on geometry, ride characteristics, optimum pivot placement and system integration, engineers have been forced to design frames around the front derailleur and its...
  6. Nicolai TFR G-Boxx

    Brembo Racing rear disc caliper and floating rotor. Very Very powerfull!
  7. Nicolai TFR G-Boxx

    The TFR's rear end with the sprocket and disc brake on different sides to a conventional bike.
  8. Nicolai TFR G-Boxx

    The Nicolai rear hub has no bearings! The bearings are in the frame. The sprocket and disc brake rotor are also left on the frame when the wheel is removed. The wheel is symetrical without any dishing.
  9. Nicolai TFR G-Boxx

    Here you can see the right hand dropout with sliding chain tensioner. The cone screw on the end of the sprocket assembly is being loosened allowing you to pull the sprocket closer to the frame and releasing the rear wheel.
  10. Nicolai TFR G-Boxx

    The rear left hand sprocket moves away from the splined hub allowing you to remove the wheel. When the sprocket assembly is pushed in to meet the hub a cone screw is tightened to fix the sprocket assembly in place.
  11. Nicolai TFR G-Boxx

    The rear end of the bike minus the hub. The splined interface can be seen on the inside face of the sprocket. The bearings for the wheel are in the frame.
  12. Nicolai Helius CC '04

    Built by myself incl. customized paintjob(orange) on fork and frame incl stickers.
  13. lambda4

1-15 of 15 Results