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  1. Full Suspension Bike
    Bought it last spring, rode it twice, it didn't fit, here it sits... Aluminum, 27.5, 17.5 I am not sure if it is 2020 or 2021 vintage even though I bought it new from a dealer, because I can't figure out if anything changed. I think it's '20. It's a gem of a bike: Remedy 8 | Trek Bikes $4200...
  2. Clydesdales/Tall Riders
    I've been on here years and learned so much and decided I would pass on some of that knowledge on. I started a Clydesdale rider YouTube channel. With my rides and experiences as a large rider. Never did YouTube before not trying to get rich but hoping to make something people enjoy watching so...
  3. Beginner's Corner
    Hello and firstly, yes I did read the noobie post in it's entirety. So, I'm in need of some recommendations, since I've not really had/ridden a bike since I was in my mid-late teens, which I like to think wasn't long ago but I'm hitting the big three oh this year, so it must be over ten years...
  4. Beginner's Corner
    Hey there, Im in need of some EXPERT assistance in my questions! My apologies in advance for the way this is typed. Many years ago i bought my first bike - a 2006 Kona Scrap - Orange - it was stolen a year or 2 after purchase. i rode the absolute **** outta that bike! Jump to present - havent...
  5. Beginner's Corner
    Muddyfox Colossus400 Mens Specs: I bought it for £399 ($557) (€458) Any help or information would be appreciated as i am kind of worried i may have overpaid? Thanks
  6. Wheels
    Found NEW 29" WTB Laser TCS Trail wheel set. Disc brake, tubeless ready of course with SRAM driver, will not allow for thru axel even with conversion kit (beware). This set up is for older 29" bike looking for a wheel refurb. Original receipt shows $306 in 2012 (many sold thru chain love for...
  7. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Chris Randall gives us the highlights coming from Clif Bar for 2012 [youtube width="640" height="385"]httpv:// The Climber Pouch from Clif Family Winery All-Terrain Wine Transport New Innovative Packaging that is as Easy on the Planet as the Palate...
  8. New Yeti DH Bike

    I took this picture at the Outdoor Demo but forgot about it until today. And since no one could find a Yeti booth at the show, this might be the only photo of this bike we see for a while.
  9. No Joke - Whistler

    Steep stuff on No Joke, in the new upper section at Whistler Bike Park.
  10. Whistler Freshy

    Fresh berms on No Joke, part of the new Garbanzo Expansion at Whistler Bike Park.
  11. Bryson Martin, Marzocchi VP

    Bryson, holding up a Marzocchi Marathon fork and talking about the 2005 product line, in Whistler, BC.
  12. Marzocchi Tent

    The Marzocchi tent, in the Whistler Village, during the Bomber Sessions for the 2005 product line introduction.
  13. Marzocchi DH Tires

    Little bit of attitude on the new Marzocchi DH tires.
  14. Marzocchi DH Tires

    New Marzocchi DH tires, with dual compound tread, available soon in 3.0 and 2.6 inch versions.
  15. Brembo Brakes

    Brembo mountain bike disc brakes, as seen during the Marzocchi 2005 product line introduction, at Whistler, British Compumbia. The rotors are full floating, fastened by spring-loaded buttons to keep them centered. Not sure when these will be available, but projected retail price right now is around
  16. New Marzocchi Marathon Race Fork

    The new 80mm, 3.3 lb Marathon Race, featuring Marzocchi's new TST (Terrain Selective Technology) system.
  17. New Marzocchi All Mountain 1 Fork

    The new Marzocchi All Mountain 1 fork. The new, 110-130mm fork features Marzocchi's new TST (Terrain Selective Technology), TAS (Travel Adjustment System), ETA (Extension Travel Adjustment), and the new lightened All Mountain Crown.
  18. Marzocchi All Mountain Crown

    The new, lightened, All Mountain Crown, on the new Marzocchi All Mountain 1 fork.
  19. New Marzocchi 66

    The new Marzocchi 66 - 170mm (7 inch), single crown, freeride fork with 35mm stanchions. This fork is basically a single crown version of the 888 - sweet!
1-19 of 19 Results